Adriana Priest was overheated. She was sweaty, her hair clung uncomfortably to her neck, and her armpits felt like swimming pools. She didn’t smell wonderful. Mosquitos from the dense woods that lined the heat-warbled sidewalk where she walked were beginning exploratory dive-runs at her baking flesh. The strap of her bag, even with its integrated […]

“Robert, I’m sorry, but NAPS can’t help you.” Margaret saw him stiffen and began to pull away, so she reached across the kitchen table, sliding velvet sleeves along the vintage linoleum, took his hands and squeezed them. “But – but! I know someone who perhaps can.” Rob gave her hands a return squeeze but there […]

Shriexing: Paranormal investigation as an extreme sport. Pronounced like this: Shrieking. The goal is the find the most dangerous, terrifying supernatural hot spots on the planet; to get inside and back out again alive and unharmed. Learn what you can, but it’s mostly about the rush. Fear junkies, take note.