The Lexicon

Your guide to the people, places, and things of the Shriex universe.

Adriana Priest
A Shriexer on Team Mwerte. Her first name is pronounced “Ah-dre-Ah-Nuh.”

A spiritual protection amulet created by sewing or weaving blessed thread or fiber into another material. Commonly used to add protection to clothing.

A standard role on any Shriexer team, and one of the most dangerous. Baiters allow themselves to be stalked or chased by malforms so that other team member may explore freely or change position within a haunt.

Bryce Lamb
A Shriexer.

Camp Ahara
An old YMCA camp in Michigan where the slasher maniac Stumpy was once said to have hunted.

Catherine “Kate” Thea Torres
A Shriexer on Team Mwerte.

Charlie Tremble
A Shriexer on Team Mwerte.

A small soul fragment who haunts Adriana Priest’s shoulder bag.

Adriana Priest’s custom-made shoulder bag, designed to withstand the rigors of Shriexing. It is haunted by a soul fragment named Chibi, hence its name.

Claire Blackpool
A Shriexer on Team Mwerte. Adriana Priest’s best friend.

Clarence Poke
A Shriexer.

Dean Alan Cake
A murderer; together with his partner Donald Jaffe he was known in the media as the Red Mattress Killer.

Donald Jaffe
A murderer; together with his partner Dean Allan Cake he was known in the media as the Red Mattress Killer.

Charlie Tremble’s normal girlfriend. While few have seen her, she is rumored to be exceptionally lovely.

A place that is haunted. The target of a Shriex run.

Haunting, Demonic
A haunting caused by demonic entities. May also involve the three stages of possession.

Haunting, Malignant
A type of haunting that occurs when a terrible event causes reality to start “rotting,” drawing a location and any paranormal entities there into a single, self-sustaining paranormal force. Malforms within can manifest very quickly and are exceedingly dangerous. Widely regarded as the most dangerous of all hauntings, the malignant variety is thus highly favored by Ninja Elite Shriexers.

Haunting, Poltergeist
A haunting phenomena caused by rogue psychic energy, often emitted by an adolescent female.

Haunting, Void
A rare phenomenon in which a place or person is haunted by someone who should be present, but isn’t.

Hazel “Haze” Yarrow
A Shriexer.

Jennifer “Jennacide” Sydanski
A Shriexer.

Lester Hoyle
A Shriexer on Team Mwerte. He is a giant of a man, with a thick beard.

The mobile, ghost-like entity within a malignant haunting.

Man/Slaughter Scale
A common Shriexer scale for quickly classifying haunts in terms of potential excitement and danger.

Meredith Raburn
A Shriexer.

A town in Massachusetts near Salem, between Beverly and Manchester By the Sea, overlooking Misery Island. It is generally considered to be the capitol of the Shriexing subculture.

North Atlantic Paranormal Seekers
AKA NAPS. A group of paranormal investigators on the east coast.

Ninja Elite
A term for professional Shriexers who have sponsors. Ninja Elites are considered the best of the best, and explore the most dangerous haunts, including malignant hauntings.

Paritta Ward
Protective prayers written on long strips of cloth or paper, which may be affixed to surfaces as protection against malforms within a haunt. Most Shriexers have several handy at all times.

Red Mattress Killer
The name of a killer whose modus operandi was to leave bloody mattresses, upon which horrible assaults had obviously taken place, in locations where they would be found to cause terror, as well as media fame. The Red Mattress killer was actually two men, Donald Jaffe and Dean Alan Cake, who trolled for victims in a windowless GM cargo van which housed the mattresses in back.

Sadie “Sad” Sandoval
A Shriexer on Team Mwerte.

An extreme sport involving the exploration of highly dangerous paranormal phenomena.

An individual who acts as a patron to a Shriexer, and often pays their expenses (or even provide a full salary) in exchange for information regarding the supernatural.

A one-armed serial killer who murdered several teenagers at a summer camp using a giant ax.

Team Mwerte
A Ninja Elite Shriexer team. Its standing members are: Catherine “Kate” Thea Torres, Charlie Tremble, Claire Blackpool, Lester Hoyle, Sadie “Sad” Sandoval, and Adriana Priest.

Tyler Zane
A Shriexer.

Varney Hall
A massive English manor house, brought to the states brick by brick. The unofficial headquarters of the Shriexing subculture, it is said to be haunted by a strangling ghost and a werewolf, and to contain a secret rivaling that of Glamis Castle.

Varney Sisters
Clara and Morgan Varney, twin sisters. They are the sole owners of Varney Hall, and as such are persons of influence within the Shriexing subculture.

The Man/Slaughter Scale rating for the most dangerous haunt possible. Written as 0/10, it indicates a haunt in which nearly un-survivable malforms will manifest almost instantly. As no haunt has ever received this rating, Zero-One-Zero has become code for the ultimate Shriexer run.

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