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Adriana Priest’s hazel eyes flashed with frost as she brushed honey hair, long to her shoulders and severely straight, past her ear with a nervous impatient flick of her fingers. Below her on the motel bed was herself, sleeping fitfully in a spreading puddle of necklaces, eyes dancing under lids. She fingered her only adornment, […]

On the way to Team Mwerte’s temporary base of operations in Michigan, Charlie Tremble took Adriana Priest shopping where she bought socks and a few other supplies. Afterward he treated her to lunch at a bustling diner with a façade that glowed dim neon under the icy blue October sky. “OK, are you ready for […]

On the last Friday of the fifth week of the Rust Belt Mega Phenomena, the Gut Eater rose from beneath the ruins of the abandoned Horlaks funeral home, fur the color of tache noire, dripping with amniotic rot, its long, crocodile-like snout snapping and gibbering. The monster’s birth trauma had begun decades prior, when Janis […]

Adriana Priest drifted through a suffocating marsh of heat and sweat. She was in pain. Molten rivulets of fire cascaded from her neck to her shoulder and down her arm, exploding in fireworks at her fingertips. Thankfully, the agony was only a ghostly echo, as if she were watching a raging fire in the distance […]

Adriana Priest’s hands were still shaking. After two days on the road – on the run – she had finally spoken with her friends on Team Mwerte. Their calls and texts had been non-stop; their messages concerned, then pleading. Adriana didn’t answer any of them, though each time the phone rang she felt it like […]

This is the day that confronted Adriana Priest: pale blue skies, clouds like cotton candy, pleasantly cool temperatures underneath a layer of warming sun. She watched this world from where she sat at the top of a slope buttressing an unused highway overpass, and she was afraid. Nearly all of the familiar things of her […]

“Guys, look.” Adriana Priest dropped her bag on the chipped linoleum table that served at Team Mwerte’s strategic planning center, almost knocking over Kate’s open bottle of sparkling water. The entire team was present: Catherine “Kate” Thea Torres. Records, Strategic Planning. Charlie Tremble. Co-lead, Strategic Planning. Claire Blackpool. Portals, Strategic Planning. Lester Hoyle: Baiter. Sadie “Sad” […]